How Often Do Insulin Pumps Need to Be Changed?

The question of how often do insulin pumps need to be changed is a frequent one, and if you’re diabetic, you want to make sure that your pump is up to date. The good news is that most manufacturers come with a warranty period of four years. In addition, the pump itself lasts a long time, especially when properly cared for. Make sure you clean it regularly to extend its useful life. In England, the NHS will replace the insulin pump after four years. In the United States, insurance coverage may cover the cost of replacement.

Insulin pumps are powered by different kinds of batteries. Some use AA or AAA batteries, while newer ones use lithium batteries. The battery life of a pump varies, with many pumps lasting up to two weeks. The length of time a battery lasts depends on the type of continuous glucose monitor used, and how often the insulin pump is used. The more features your pump has, the faster the battery drains. Remember that if the battery in your pump is non-rechargeable, you need to regularly recycle your batteries.

You must also change your infusion site and sensor every three to seven days. This can be tedious, especially if you’re using a manual insulin pump. Changing your site means wearing the pump and sensor for 72 hours in manual mode. The automode feature is not available during this time, and you may have to manually change the site every two hours. It is better to purchase new insulin supplies every time you change your site.

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