The Disadvantages of Bamboo Fabric

If you’re wondering about the benefits of bamboo fabric, read on to find out what the cons are. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material that uses 30 percent less water than cotton. This plant also doesn’t use pesticides and produces an abundance of oxygen when it is grown. Despite these advantages, bamboo fabric isn’t the best choice for intimate wear stylishster. It also tends to shrink much faster than cotton and rayon. So, you might be wondering: Is bamboo fabric worth the price?

The main disadvantage of bamboo fabric is that it stretches easily and can cause wrinkling. Cotton performs much better in this area, but this doesn’t stop customers from buying bamboo-derived textiles. Furthermore, bamboo is considered a sustainable material, and is grown quickly and matured without fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation. It’s also cheaper than most other fabrics. However, it does shrink more than cotton fabrics, and it wrinkles more than other materials tunai4d.

While bamboo fabric is better for the environment than cotton, there are also some drawbacks. While bamboo is naturally pest resistant, it also doesn’t need fertilizers or irrigation systems to grow. Bamboo fabric also requires a third of the amount of water compared to cotton. Its water consumption is even lower than that of organic cotton. Despite its advantages, bamboo fabric doesn’t beat cotton in the quality department tishare. In fact, the European NGO Made-By rated bamboo viscose and cotton as the same material.

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